Wearable Cooling Technology Guide

15 May 2021

Wearable Cooling Technology Guide

TechNiche offers two cooling technologies, CoolPax Phase Change Cooling and HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling

What is HyperKewl™PLUS?

HyperKewl™PLUS is a fabric that utilizes a rapid absorption, stable water storage, and enhanced evaporation to keep the wearer cool! This technology works best in an environment with high airflow, and low humidity. HyperKewl™PLUS fabric absorbs and then slowly releases water through evaporation. When the water evaporates, energy is consumed, and a cooling effect is created. We look at this as supercharging the body’s natural cooling process.

The more airflow, the more cooling power! Wind, fans, rapid movement (like on a horse, or a bike, or other open air vehicle), will maximize the cooling effect. HyperKewl™PLUS can provide cooling of 10-15°F/6-8°C cooler than the ambient temperature, depending on the amount of air flow.

The lower the humidity, the more easily the stored water will evaporate, and the more effective the HyperKewl™PLUS fabric will cool.

Some scenarios to take advantage of the HyperKewl™PLUS technology:

  • Road Repair
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Faming/Ranching
  • Demolition
  • Working Indoors with a fan or AC
  • Walking / Jogging / Running
  • Bicycle Rides
  • Riding Horses
  • Dirt Biking / motorcycle Riding
  • Sports: Soccer, Field Hockey, etc.
  • And Many more!
When to use HyperKewl Evaporatice Cooling

What is CoolPax™ Phase Change Cooling?

CoolPax™ is a liquid, that solidifies as it becomes “activated”, once activated, the CoolPax absorbs heat, as it changes from a solid back to a liquid, cooling the wearer in this process. This technology does not require airflow, or require any special environmental factors to work more efficiently. CoolPax™ remains at a steady 58°F/14°C for 2-3 hours.

Some scenarios to take advantage of the CoolPax™ technology:

  • Working outdoors in high humidity
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Underneath heavy costumes (like mascots)
  • Underneath Personal Protective Equipment
  • Pipeline/tank inspectors
  • Firefighting
  • HAZMAT Responding
  • Underneath Medical PPE
  • Welding
  • Working in chemical plants
  • Piloting small aircraft
  • Race car driving
When to use CoolPax Cooling Technology